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2022-05-01 NLAPW Officers by Anne Baehr.jpg

2022 National Biennial

A host of Florida Pen Women attended the 50th National Biennial the weekend of April 28-May 1.

Floridians Jan Schaberg, Janie Owens,  and Lorna Jean Hagstrom were installed as 4th VP, Secretary, and 1st VP respectively. Also pictured here are President Sheila Byrnes, 2nd VP Nancy Dafoe, 5th VP Grace Joy Reid, and Treasurer Everlyn Wofford. The entire 2022-24 FSA Board, Karen Morris, Jan Schaberg, Janie Owens, Andrea Walker, and Polly Tetrault attended. (See below)

The National Biennial was a wonderful opportunity to meet Pen Women from all over the U.S., to attend and learn from workshops, hear inspiring speakers, and this year to see our beautiful Capitol. Photos courtesy of Pensacola's Anne Baehr.

2022 National Biennial: Bio

2022-24 FSA Board

Treasurer Polly Tetrault, 2nd VP Janie Owens, President Karen Morris, 1st VP Jan Schaberg, and Secretary Andrea Walker at the 50th National Biennial.

2022 National Biennial: Welcome
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