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2021 Virtual Conference Links

2021 Virtual Conference Links

Welcome to the 2021 FSA Biennial Conference, Virtual! Below, please find Conference Recordings 1-4.         2021 FSA Biennial Conference Rec. #1       2021 FSA Biennial Conference Rec. #2          2021 FSA Biennial Conference Rec. #3         2021 FSA Biennial Conference Rec. #4

                RECORDING ONE

2:00      Opening Statement by FSA President

46:58    Annual Meeting, Homegoing

6:00      Homegoing

                   RECORDING TWO

5:30       Why Be a Pen Woman?

53:09     Massey /Morris LETTERS Workshop

6:30       Sarasota Vignette – Remembering Betty Altman (included short film)

13:45     Sheila Firestone – The Forest Primeval, a Music Composition


                     RECORDING THREE

38:26     Laurie Maves – ART Workshop

43:16     Florida Pen Women Branch Collaboration


                    RECORDING FOUR

45:36     Lisa Unger, keynote address

7:43       ART Awards with Tammy Seymour

6:43       COMPOSITION with Joan Cartwright

9:40       LETTERS Awards with Barb Routen

1:30       IA Award, (Kathy Breazale) Statement read by Jan Schaberg

 :53        Pen Woman of the Year, with Mary Dall


2021 Virtual Conference Links: List
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